Saugerties Village Trustee Political Campaign Ad Design

October 17, 2012
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October 17, 2012 DPR

Saugerties Village Trustee Political Campaign Ad Design

Political Ad Design for New York Village Campaign

SaugertiesVillageDEMSad, originally uploaded by newyorkwebdesign.

Political Campaign Ad Design for newspaper ad design which was created and ran in the Saugerties Post Star and Saugerties Times of Ulster Publishing. As with some political campaigns, it’s wise to emphasize your opponents’ perceived weaknesses. In this case , the New Vision party was a small party which successfully aligned itself with a “conservative” approach to governance. The main message of this ad design was implying  that the name [New Vision] had lost its focus on the [present] issues that faced a struggling upstate New York village.

There are numerous ways to approach a political ad design. All of which have there merit and legitimacy in their authors’  minds. That’s what makes political advertising a difficult challenge for even the most seasoned graphic designer, even with years of commercial marketing experience.

Commercial and Political advertising: what ware the differences? Only the brightest designer can successfully address the many complexities that political advertising represents.

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