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December 27, 2019
December 27, 2019 DPR

Record Store Logo

Hudson River Valley Record Store Logo Design

Record Store Sign And Logo Design

Inquiring Minds Bookstore Record Store Logo

A new Record Store logo — The new record store inside Inquiring Minds Bookstore brings back memories. It’s as if I was back in the 70s flipping through album covers at Slipped Disc Records on Rockaway Avenue in Valley Stream, NY. THE VINYL VAULT in Inquiring Minds™, as its brand has a unique selection of hard-to-find vinyl records. From original blues to early acid rock, this little piece of vinyl heaven has audiophiles buzzing. Vinyl is a passion of Brian Donoghue, its proprietor. What the record store needed was a small, unassuming sign that adhered to local zoning laws.

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