New York Web Design for Big Ideas

January 17, 2013
January 17, 2013 DPR

New York Web Design for Big Ideas

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New York Web Design

Web design is more than just technical know-how, it’s about creating an online presence which speaks to people. You want to make an impression that conveys a personality behind the images. You want to give your site a life of its own–that’s where we come in. We understand that true professional web design is more than trying to impress people with insider jargon and esoteric terminology. A good web designer takes the time to listen and make each client’s vision into a reality. We are an experienced New York Web Design firm.

That’s why we’ve chosen to call our site What’s the Big Idea. Because we really do want to know your idea. We want to help you take it to the next level–and do it with style, with you and your customers in-mind.

Aesthetic Website Design

Every great site captures the eye. It draws-in peoples’ attention the moment the page loads. But it does more than pique the imagination, it makes them curious about that business. Aesthetics are important. Pop combined with sophistication makes visitors feel they’re dealing with a professional company.

That’s what we focus on–the end result. Our many years of experience has taught us that custom web design means just that: no cookie-cutter templates will do. Your site has to be fresh, unique and compel people to act. And that can’t happen if we don’t capture your passion for what you do. So we do just that very thing, we embrace your ambition and turn it into a work of art.

Functional Web Development

Image only goes so far. Even great looking websites can be poor performers. We place great emphasis on making your site fully functional. Our web site design process incorporates many tests along the way so you are assured of a working product that will work for your customers.

The Internet is cluttered with bad websites. Make yours one of the most usable, and you’ll attract an audience and form lasting relationships with your customers. —

Our proprietary website development techniques ensure that your site will be more than just eye candy. Be it ecommerce website design, one that’s for informational purposes, or a call-to-action resource for your business to generate leads or sales, we’ll take the time to tweak every pages so it works time and time again. That’s not only important for your business, but also for your SEO.

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Balanced Web Design and Development

Our team of web designers knows the value of their work–not just to us–but to you and your customers. We strive to deliver the most affordable web design with the biggest impact. It’s our pride and our integrity that has made for scores of happy customers who’ve used our professional, yet friendly web design services. When you work with us you get:

  • Open communication from start to finish. We won’t dazzle you with technical mumbo-jumbo, we’ll speak to you in plain English and explain everything clearly.
  • Creative choices. We won’t limit your site to some canned template design. You’ll be given a choice. You will be part of the whole process if you chose.
  • A complete schedule. There are times when it seems nothing is happening, but we are working. We’ll let you know what you can expect and when to expect it.
  • Flexibility. We understand that circumstances change. Talk to us and let us know of anything that comes up and we’ll make the necessary adjustments.

If you are looking for a quality web design service in New York or anywhere else across the country, then contact us. You’ll find we’re different and will take the time to form a relationship–because your website isn’t just another project, it’s a new partnership.


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