Magazine Ad Design

September 30, 2012
September 30, 2012 DPR

Magazine Ad Design

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Trade magazine ad design and high quality magazine ad design for all types of coated paper publications.

As part of a strategic print campaign, magazine advertising can be an efficient method to deliver your company’s message to a precise audience. The key to optimum response is placement, timing and design. Planning is crucial; your decision to run an ad should never be based upon a sales representative’s need to fulfill a quota, but rather on your own marketing schedule. Forecast events, that occur during the year, which have a greater potential to reach your audience.

Insist on the best placement: right, above fold.

The best position in an English language magazine or periodical is on the outside edge of a right page. Just like most media, placement is a determining factor of your ad’s success. Insist on a premium position that will be seen.

Timing is crucial. Plan your campaign.

Time your campaign around cyclical or pre-scheduled industry initiatives. All businesses have certain times during the year that poses an opportune time to reach their audience. Plan ahead and be prepared with a message that will catch the attention of your potential customers.

Great magazine ad design always gets attention.

Competition is the main reason why it’s necessary to design an visually compelling ad. A magazine can crammed with advertisers that compete for readers’ attention. Being a 28 year veteran of trade advertising, I can make your presence be seen. Designing a magazine advertisement is a science, though creating an effective ad is an art.

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