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It’s All About Semantics – Easy Website Tips No. 2

HTML Semantics for Better Search Engine Ranking
Semantic Web… what does it mean?

As the Web gets more complex, it’s important that everyone play by the same rules – creating a website that’s accessible. That’s what the Internet was created for: unencumbered sharing of information.

As a business person, you may not care less about programming though you do care about the bottom-line. In its simplest terms, Semantics for the Web translates into a website design that is favored by search engines and accessible to all.

QUESTION: What does Semantics have to do with my Website?

ANSWER: Adhering to Web design standards means better search engine ranking – more folks will find your website.

Your website needs to written (both visible copy and programming) in a structurally pre-defined way (See

Let’s take the way-back machine and make believe you’re back in Mrs. Smith’s writing class. The principle of good writing is the same, but with the correct html markup:

  • Start your pages with a heading (H1).
  • Begin your sentences as a paragraph (P).
  • Emphasize relevant parts using (STRONG).
  • Always use (ALT) tags with your images.
  • Use (H2, H3, H4) tags for subheadings.
  • Use FREE Validation Tools on all your Web pages. The World Wide Web Consortium is great place to find out if your website is up to snuff.

“Semantics, Shemantics, I don’t know (or care) a thing about programming.” – All you care about is whether your website brings business.
There many aspects of creating a properly structured Web site which will increase business that isn’t covered in this article. I’ve given you the basics, which should help point you in the right direction –> Call (845) 247-0909 to discuss your website project or if you need some creative inspiration.

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