November 22, 2012 DPR

Political Campaign Design

The essentials of political campaign design; direct mail, newsprint, signs, Web site development and experience.

Passion, commitment and righteous indignation are some of the prerequisites to grass roots organizing. Community issues that are triggered by environmental degradation, zoning laws, public safety and political advocacy are opportunities to bring neighbors together for a common cause.  Getting the word out in an effective way is essential.  Recruiting talented professionals are crucial. Within your own circle of supporters there are very talented and creative folks, though looking outside may be necessary. Grass roots campaigns need support from many different talents. The key ingredient to a successful political campaign is employing an objective strategy that includes fundamentals of creative advertising.

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Political campaigns require the pragmatism and professionalism of a seasoned graphic designer who is also an activist in his own right. I’ve helped create campaign materials for both political and grass roots efforts in my own communities. Using the knowledge of over 30 years in marketing, advertising and creative design has helped form the basis of my political design philosophy. The message should be kept simple and straight forward with a call-to-action. Above all, the visual design should be striking and in-tune to its audience.

With me you’ll get straight answers to hard questions and always a fair price. As a businessman I appreciate a good value. When you hire me, you can expect a unique design with years of community activism and political campaign insight, all at an affordable price.


Intrigued, excited, and enamored by technology and life. 30 plus years providing businesses with marketing, design, and strategies for success. Specializing in WordPress, Magento, and SEO.

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