December 2, 2012 DPR

New York Graphic Design is the World’s Finest

Those looking for graphic design in New York have a lot to choose from. With some of the World’s best graphic design professional training centers and art schools in and around New York City area, its no wonder the “Big Apple” attracts some of the most talented award winning designers and future budding artists the world over.

But it’s more than just great learning environments like The Art Institute of New York that attracts the creative and artistic. It’s the unprecedented number of top quality firms that rely on those artists’ talents. The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan is one of those many art and design institutions that have the likes of Milton Glaser as mentor, one of the most celebrated graphic designers of modern time.  Our principal designer attended SVA in the early eighties, where he began his professional design career contracting freelance jobs posted daily in the school’s placement offices.

Advertising agencies, marketing companies, magazine and newspapers publishers and Web design firms are just a few of the countless industries to which great graphic design and big ideas are their life blood.

To give you a better scope of scale, there are more than 5,600 registered advertising and marketing companies alone in the Empire State! Let’s break that down even further… New York City alone has over 1,800 while its nearest marketing megalith neighbor, Boston, MA has fewer than 180. In other words NY, NY (EXCLUDING Manhattan, Brooklyn and other surrounding areas) has TEN times as many agencies that need great graphics! And their work is seen everywhere…

Next time you are in the supermarket take a look around. Everything from the cereal boxes to the liquid soap labels and even the smallest candy bar wrappers enticing you at checkout stand came from a the efforts and talents of a professional graphic designer – and many of those from New York firms.

Old Blue Eyes himself could have been talking about the graphic design industry when he said “If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.” It’s talent is equaled only by its competition.

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