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SEO Tips in Plain English

Easy SEO Tips You Can Understand

So what’s SEO? SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”. If you have a website and you want any measure of traffic, you’ll need to know that Search Engines hold the key to your website’s success. This is the first issue in a series of SEO Tips that are easy to follow and will improve your web site’s “visibility” in the elusive world of SEO.

“Content is King” – Provide your website’s visitors with useful, informative and relevant content

The most important thing to know is that a site that looks great must also provide relevant content. Like a Coney Island barker shouting “Hurry hurry step right in…”, a website that looks great may be void of any worthwhile information. For search engines to take your website seriously and index it properly [ranked high in search results], it’s not all the flash counts but the substance.

What is “Relevant” Content?

There are many different ways to add relevant copy (text) to your site. In its most basic form, it’s information that would make your website worth revisiting. For example; you have a retail business that sells organic foods. You might want to write a monthly article [within a permanent section of your website] with recipes using ingredients that you sell.


DO NOT mistake SEO for stuffing text on your website with keywords and repetitive brand names in an attempt to increase ranking.

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