T Shirt Design, Advertising Specialties and Creative Ideas

August 5, 2010
August 5, 2010 DPR

T Shirt Design, Advertising Specialties and Creative Ideas

Tee Shirt design for FireFox competition

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T-shirt design, advertising specialties and creative advertising ideas for business.

For centuries, businessmen have conjured up creative devices [i.e. advertising specialties] to sell their products or services.  Bright graphics and trademarks adorn every conceivable surface that’s able to reflect a sales message. Whether the image imparts a feeling of warmth and security or sense of urgency, creative geniuses keep churning out new gadgets to get attention. The creative ideas inspired range from ingenious to the absurd. [singlepic id=56 w=320 h=240 float=right]The sole purpose of advertising specialties design is to keep a brand or a message in view of an audience.

Tee Shirt design for FireFox competition

Tee-Shirt designed for Mozilla FireFox competition

While traditional media, e.g. billboards, television  and radio reach folks during repetitive cycles,  specialty advertising can be more random and sometimes pervasive. Imagine the audacity of the salesman who first thought of selling [at a premium] a pair of denim trousers with the manufacturer’s logo on its backside. It seemed to have worked well, since logos emblazoned across clothes are all the fashion. Lucrative industries have been built solely around a brand and the lifestyle it projects to peers.

[intlink id=”792″ type=”post”]T shirt design[/intlink] has consistently been a powerful method to get an advertiser’s message across. Printing of tees and shirts have become more affordable as new production technologies have emerged. DTG or Direct to Garment printing is progressively becoming the choice for medium and short-runs. With what is essentially a flat bed ink-jet printer,  designers are able to print high resolution images of their artwork directly onto the t shirt using fabric dye-based inks. The touch and feel of the finished print is superior to silk screen and most transfer methods.

When I take on a t shirt design project my focus is creating a shirt that’s wearable art.


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