November 28, 2012 DPR

A Blog as Content Management System: WordPress

More than ever, I find myself pushing my clients toward a blog structured Web design to replace their existing company’s Websites. I urge that at the very least, embed WordPress into the top tier of their sites’ pages , e.g. homepage. With subtle interjections like, "Yea, and you’ll be able to make your changes to your Web pages yourself, without having to pay a me each any every time" and then I add the ever-popular, "Shucks, you don’t even have to be a techie or write any of that phooey programming code". All the requirements are, is an Internet connection to the log-on screen, a password and the ability to type.

With some geek talk, I explain the many advantages of having converted other clients just like themselves. The responses usually range from a polite indifference to utter excitement. I continue, that if they’ve ever used Word, WordPad™, AbiWord™, or Bean then they will be able to add content to their new website.
Using WordPress to create your company Website is just a smart business move. With a few little programming tweaks I can create an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that writes Search Engine friendly coding for a W3C compliant Website.

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