September 27, 2012 DPR

Banner Design

Banner design services for all sorts of displays.

There are many uses for a banner design which makes it more economical than many other types of signs and displays. Banners are reusable and easily transported from one event to another.  When made of fabric, the inks are embedded into the fabric preventing the cracking that sometimes occur with vinyl banners.  Take care when storing your new banner. Use a tube to transport or store it. The way you fold and roll up your banner will increase its life and prevent sharp creases.

Banners don’t need to be garish or gimmicky to get attention. The use of fluorescent colors are meant for traffic signs and should never be used in order to promote your business or event. A well thought out layout using tasteful colors and strong graphics will be far more effective at attracting new business.

Even more importantly, professionally designed banners reflect a discerning image that shouts “Quality” and legitimacy. These traits are sometimes hard to find in today’s [visually distracting] retail marketplace. There’s no doubt that any marketing edge you can capitalize on is one more notch in your business arrow.

Using an experienced graphic designer is a smart choice.

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