Web banner design for Earth Day

EARTH DAY Ad Design Package

Earth Day should be everyday! Our stewardship of Mother Earth is never more important than it is today. Mother Earth Storehouse knows this and decided to launch “Make Everyday Earth Day” campaign for the entire month of April. See the Web Banners, Magazine Ads and Newspaper Ads designed for this April 09 earth first campaign.

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Humorus Thanksgiving ad design

Ad design grabs readers’ attention

Inundated with the cackle of holiday magazine ads, the challenge is making an advertisement stand-out.  Every Thanksgiving Season, traditional values get reincarnated as families across America munch down on giblets, cranberry and gravy. How about “Tofurkey” this holiday? Finding traditional holidays humorous, I proceeded to design a magazine ad for Mother Earth Store House health […]

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back to school newspaper ad design for health food

Print ad designed to encourage good nutrition

Ad design encouraging good nutrition for a child’s future ambitions. A child’s first day of school is an innocent time of life with feelings of apprehension and big dreams. My son Emil graciously gave me license to use his image though I was the photographer.

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Sweating the small stuff Poughkeepsie Journal Advertisement

Sweat the Small Stuff, a newspaper ad design

Who says bigger is better? A small newspaper ad design makes a big footprint.

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Ad design for health food store expansion

Ad designer inspired by Baby-Face Finster

Expanding health food stores inspires ad design with baby emerging from egg wearing construction hard hat.

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