WordPress, Woocommerce SEO optimized website

Woocommerce SEO optimized website for Precision Tubing Distributor Website Design

Woocommerce SEO optimized website for Precision Tubing Distributor Website Design

Second generation metals supplier gets a WordPress, Woocommerce SEO optimized website. Karay Metals, Inc. is a precision metal tube wholesaler. Since 2001 karaymetals.com has been showing up on the Web Archive of Wayback Machine.

Karay Metals 2001 Wayback Machine

Karay Metals 2001 Wayback Machine

Not unlike many Websites launched way back when traffic came at a healthy clip. Though things changed over time as the Web quickly became congested with the competition. And, as Google algorithms changed they slowly lost traffic. To that point, when I arrived in 2017, their site traffic had declined to between 4-8 visitors a day.

After a complete rebuild of their website built on WordPress, the building of a Woocommerce catalog, implementation of a number of improvements, i.e. Rich Snippets, AMP, page and article writing, semantic coding, etc. www.kraymetals.com went for 4-8 visitors a day to 1400 unique visitors per month (as the writing of this article). In addition, and more importantly, sales went from 5 million to 25 million.

Why Wait When Business Is Slow?

Wow, for the past 30 plus years of marketing and advertising B2B, it never ceases to confound me: Why do small businesses wait for slow times to market themselves? I guess the answer is simple: too busy when times are good. The reason I mention this is the fact that Karay Metals is no more guilty of many other businesses which fail to invest in basic SEO for their Website.

Onpage SEO And Product Enrichment

Out of the box, Woocommerce and WordPress do a pretty good job of displaying well-structured code. However, SEO is a far more complex than any out-of-box software could provide.  So, be prepared to spend some resources to get real, actionable results from Woocommerce. Every aspect of a well-designed website should be considered. For instance, Onpage and Offpage SEO encompass a broad spectrum of services far too complex to delve into in this article.

SEO Summary

To summarise, WordPress combined with proper Woocommerce SEO will produce results. However, you will need an SEO specialist with a solid track report. Don’t wait till business starts to slow down. ACT NOW and contact David Radovanovic for a free consultation.



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