Direct Mail Design, Postcards and Self Mailers

Effective direct mail design starts with a big idea!

Professionally designed postcard design on a shoe string – is the best description of the above artwork. In a small 4″ x 6″ postcard, I include important information in a limited space.

For the aspiring politician, artists or retailer, direct mail can be a very cost-effective means to get your message delivered. And, if used in conjunction with a good mailing list, your message can be targeted and not being wasted on the wrong audience.

Direct mail advertising is still a powerful marketing tool

Although less frequently used than before, direct mail design is still an effective way to reach a targeted audience. Instead of abandoning bulk [snail] mail for modern, more sexier forms of advertising like Facebook ™ Advertising and Google Adsense™, reconsider direct mail. It’s another weapon in your arsenal of advertising. Because when created by a professional designer, a self-mailer [postcard, trifold, circular, invitation or newspaper insert] can have a far more lasting impression than a Web banner or other online advertisement.

Its only Junk Mail if it looks like it

Aesthetics determine the strength of the advertisement’s message. We are all visual animals. For example, what is more visually intriguing, a Mazarati™ or a Toyota Prius™? For the sake of transparency, I own a Prius™ and my wife Melissa and I love it. The 45MPG is a big bonus though it’s boring.  That’s the same principal behind the value of a cleverly designed mailer. The sexy European will always get the first look.

Benefits of Direct Mail Design

What are the extrinsic advantages of Direct Mail Design? Firstly, what do you imagine when you think of direct mail design, e.g. a postcard, tri-fold brochure, circular, envelope, or invitation? Broaden your imagination. Consider what a direct mail piece actually is.  It’s three dimensional. You can manipulate it by tearing at its perforated opening, smell it, and feel its texture. You cannot do the same with a Web banner, PPC (Pay Per Click) or Floating ad.

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