Re-Branding Of Government Workforce Program

Government Branding Case Study

Ulster County, New York – Government Agency Rebrand was a long time coming. For many years, this Hudson Valley county used a stale brochure with not much more, to promote their workforce program. For that reason, it was time to breathe new life into a vital government agency via government branding! As an illustration, I present a BEFORE and AFTER (below) to bring attention to what is achieved with a new design.

BEFORE: Ulster County Workforce brochure design before redesign

BEFORE: The old brochure design for Ulster County Workforce System

BEFORE: Ulster County Workforce brochure design before the redesign

The old brochure design lacked excitement, color, and focus

After the new name Ulster Works™ was adopted, (replacing the older name ONESTOP™ Job Center) I proceeded with the new logo development.  Shortly thereafter, I designed and launched a website, brochure, newsprint ads, and all other marketing materials.

Clear, understandable benefits

Keep it simple! Studies show that as a marketer you have a small window of opportunity to gain your audiences’ attention. For that reason, an “all roads lead to” design is employed. A centralized aesthetic is used to draw the readers’ attention to the benefits. The overall focus of which is to emphasize the benefits and services offered to both job seekers and employers. It’s necessary for the success of the new identity that benefits of using the agency’s services were quickly understood.

AFTER: Newly redesigned brochure

Brochure redesign for Ulster County Workforce System - Government Branding

Brochure redesign for Ulster County Workforce System – Government Branding

AFTER: Brochure redesign for Ulster County Workforce System

On a shoe-string budget, a complete turn-key brochure is produced. The resulting design reflected bright, positive imagery with a focused layout and message.

Small-scale, effective rebrand

Other than printing, there is no need to outsource any aspect of this branding project. Indeed, except for printing, all copywriting, photography, design, illustration, and production is performed by, Inc.  And therefore, the savings to my client was significant. In addition to the affordability, communication is limited to one point person (Designer and owner), creating a hassle-free project for both sides.

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Scope Of Services Provided:
Name Creation, Logo Design, Brochure, Trade Booth Banner, Signage, and Poster.

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