David Radovanovic - Web Developer and Graphic Designer

David Radovanovic – Web Developer and Graphic Designer

New York Web Designer with Smart Business Sense

Good business sense—and a common sense approach—shape the way I think and the designs I create. With 35 years of experience as a designer/developer/marketer, I’ll assess your company’s needs and find a solution for your goals. Through refining your public image, outreach, and creative design. Our services include web design and development, graphic design services and marketing. Our processes may encompass all facets of developing graphic ideas, though our focus is always on the big picture: increasing sales!

Cost-effective solutions for marketing your business

At WhatsTheBigIdea.com, Inc. we concentrate on understanding your company so that we can create effective corporate logos, company brochures, and graphic designs, as well as do your web design and development. There are many methods of getting your message to your targeted audience. Let us help you find the most cost-effective means to reach the most prospects, with a message that is precise and effectual.

Because it’s about the way YOU do business

We help businesses succeed through design. Learning how you do business is the essential ingredient in all our graphic designs. Building a professional image for you is just part of our goal and creative process.

New York Web Design and Development

We may be located in the Hudson Valley area of upstate New York, though we successfully serve clients and businesses, small and large alike, from California to the United Kingdom!

Experienced New York Web Designer

David Radovanovic is the owner and creative director of WhatsTheBigIdea.com, Inc. and has over two decades of experience designing brochures, logos and a vast assortment of promotional literature and Web sites.

Self portrait illustration

Full service multi-style graphic designer.

By combining extensive advertising experience and unique graphic design, the result is a common sense approach to all the projects I create. We practice what we preach, supporting the open source community offering design and programming services for popular Web applications like WordPress™, Magenta™, and many others.

My focus is always on the big picture; establishing a positive image while increasing interest and inquiries in your company. And as an experienced graphic designer, I wrap my mind around understanding the way you do business then transforming ideas into a creative design that works. There are so many ways to get your message to your targeted audience. The objective is to get them to remember your image and to ultimately help your business thrive.


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