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Tri fold Brochure Design

Creative tri fold brochure design

In the graphic design and printing industries, brochures come in many shapes and sizes. Brochure design can include a wide variety of different formats though the most popular is the tri fold, which is typically scored and folded in two places, creating three or six (6) separate panels for your design and text.  The position, direction and width of fold determines the orientation and size of the area which will contain your artwork.

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The scores’ the limit

The choice of how and where you decide to fold your brochure is virtually limitless though veering too far from the standardized trifold format will increase the price of the printing. Most commercial printers do offer custom scoring for brochures, though it may require special pre-press and setup.  Even with the added costs, if you are in search of a unique idea that will help your company brochure stand out from the crowd, you may want to incorporate an irregular fold.

Brochure Design Folds

Examples of several different brochure folds.

The only restraint is your imagination and the creativity of the brochure designer.

In the printing industry, trifolds can also be referred to as z-fold, accordion, barrel or roll folded layout designs.  Generally, a trifold format is preferable over other brochures because it is easily distributed, versatile and affordable to produce. A standard trifold measuring 3.66″ x 8.5″ can be  mailed in a standard #9 envelope, placed in a display or brochure rack and used in a variety of different ways to add residual value. For example, below are some complementary uses for your brochure that will keep your message in front of your audience longer.

Brochure Design Tips

  1. Include a perforated business card or sales coupon
  2. Act as a reference guide or measuring device
  3. Double as a small event poster or flyer
  4. Incorporate a membership or subscription form
  5. Become a self-mailer with order form
  6. Or simply used as a handout at trade shows

The idea is to keep your newly designed brochure out of the “Round File” (aka trash) and in the hands of its reader longer. In order to do that, you should consider implementing an ancillary or supplementary uses for the brochure. Adding an additional function to your brochure design, will increase its effectiveness.

The goal of your new brochure design, regardless of size, folds and use is to increase awareness and entice its reader to respond. Trifold brochures have become a staple for businesses which need to increase  sales at an affordable price. Printing  prices have never been more affordable and printers more prolific as technologies enable a more competitive marketplace.

Although the printing choices may be numerous, there are few trifold brochure designers with as much experience and professionalism as So before you make the final decision as to which graphic design firm will design your company brochure, keep in mind that price is important though it should not be your deciding factor.

Give me (David) a call at (845) 247-0909 to help answer the questions you may have and for a free brochure design quote.

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Conveyor Belt Company Brochure

A New Tri-Fold Brochure Design for New Business

Re-Think Your Old Brochure Design

New business is hard to come by. With a toughening economy that has been losing its steam, there is no better time to consider redesigning your tr-fold brochure with a “New and Improved” image. If your response is: “Why should I redesign my company brochure, if it works?”.

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Here are some issues to consider:

  • Refining your brochure’s graphic design with more intriguing visuals, will renew interest in your company.
  • Writing your brochure text with an evolving economy in mind, will give your audience the impression that your company is ready and willing to serve their changing needs.
  • Printing prices have never been more competitive. Quality printing has never been less expensive than now!

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Is this brochure design for you or your customer?

Brochure Design That Targets Your Customers’ Needs

Who did you create your company’s brochure design for: you or your customer?

  • When you prepared your new brochure design did you do an informal customer survey?
  • Did you find out why customers chose your company instead of your competitors?
  • What are they are REALLY looking for when they shop for services or products like yours?

Maybe you missed some insight about the reasons folks choose to do business with you instead of your competition. Take an informal survey with your customers and find out why they like doing business with you.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go and to hire a professional brochure designer, especially when only you know what makes your business a success. Taking on a project as important as a brochure can become a very personal thing that often clouds the separation needed to be an objective marketer. How others perceive your company image is far too important for just piecing together graphics in Microsoft Word™ .

A true professional, well-versed and experienced in creating lasting impressions is essential. Since first impressions are everything , cost-effective marketing should not be measured in the lowest price per unit , but rather in the overall value of a well-executed brochure design. Remember, that your brochure’s visuals should connote strength, professionalism and value. There are many factors in designing an effective brochure design. One basic rule is to keep focused on your clients’ needs .

Before and After Brochure Design

Some government entities have not been known as innovative marketers. Though things are changing and some governments have realized that innovation and expertise is usually found in the business world. Society has also become more sophisticated. The usual boilerplate brochure design accented by stock images just doesn’t impart confidence in our  governing bureaucracy. One of best examples of a government brochure redesign is a recent tri-fold brochure that I created for Ulster County Office of Employment and Training.  Located in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York, Ulster County has recently seen the need to reach folks that are in need of some job seeking support.

[singlepic=6,320,240,,]ABOVE: BEFORE
[singlepic=285,320,240,,]ABOVE: AFTER

The later [redesigned] brochure was laid out to have a primary point of focus for its readers. Centrally located in the cover panel is the newly introduced logo. With a strong yellow color similar to that of a traffic sign, “Ulster Works” commands attention. From the cover to the inside there is a logical flow to the graphic elements and text.

Brochure Designs

Brochure designs and samples created for businesses, organizations and professionals.

Pictured are some of the more popular brochure designs including tri-folds, gate-fold, accordion and map folds.  There are many more unique and creative  ways to capture your reader’s attention. For example, die-cuts, scoring, embossing and foiling are several methods used in traditional lithography to add a special appeal to your printed literature. Though these embellishments can be expensive and most can be simulated with a skillful graphic designer and Photoshop artist.

Creative brochure designs which are effective begin with a strong focal point containing a structured layout and colorful visuals combined with a well-written narrative. There are several creative disciplines involved and it’s not always a simple task to find a graphic designer with the right combination of talents. Some of qualifications to look for in a brochure designer require a thorough scrutiny of their qualifications, i.e. experience, references, demeanor and most importantly artistic style.


Direct Mail Design

Direct Mail Design, Postcards and Self Mailers

Effective direct mail design starts with a big idea!

Professionally designed postcard design on a shoe string – is the best description of the above artwork. In a small 4″ x 6″ postcard, I include important information in a limited space.

For the aspiring politician, artists or retailer, direct mail can be a very cost-effective means to get your message delivered. And, if used in conjunction with a good mailing list, your message can be targeted and not being wasted on the wrong audience.

Direct mail advertising is still a powerful marketing tool

Although less frequently used than before, direct mail design is still an effective way to reach a targeted audience. Instead of abandoning bulk [snail] mail for modern, more sexier forms of advertising like Facebook ™ Advertising and Google Adsense™, reconsider direct mail. It’s another weapon in your arsenal of advertising. Because when created by a professional designer, a self-mailer [postcard, trifold, circular, invitation or newspaper insert] can have a far more lasting impression than a Web banner or other online advertisement.

Its only Junk Mail if it looks like it

Aesthetics determine the strength of the advertisement’s message. We are all visual animals. For example, what is more visually intriguing, a Mazarati™ or a Toyota Prius™? For the sake of transparency, I own a Prius™ and my wife Melissa and I love it. The 45MPG is a big bonus though it’s boring.  That’s the same principal behind the value of a cleverly designed mailer. The sexy European will always get the first look.

Benefits of Direct Mail Design

What are the extrinsic advantages of Direct Mail Design? Firstly, what do you imagine when you think of direct mail design, e.g. a postcard, tri-fold brochure, circular, envelope, or invitation? Broaden your imagination. Consider what a direct mail piece actually is.  It’s three dimensional. You can manipulate it by tearing at its perforated opening, smell it, and feel its texture. You cannot do the same with a Web banner, PPC (Pay Per Click) or Floating ad.

Conveyor belting fabricator business card design

Brochure Design Tips and Tricks

Brochure design tips and tricks 101

Effective Brochure Design has “White Space”

Brochure design is much like all other forms of advertising in that it requires some basic designing principles to be effective. Let’s take the obsessive need for some to want to cram as much information as possible into a brochure. Seems like good business sense to equate empty space with an opportunity to sell. Though the reality is quite the opposite. White space is good.

[imagebrowser id=5]

The temptation to fill up “the empty space may win out over good graphic design practices. It may not seem obvious, though it can be tempting to add extraneous messages in your advertisement, ultimately drawing the reader’s attention away from your primary message. The result is a crowded  brochure design, lessening its visual impact.

There’s no doubt that advertising space is expensive regardless of the vehicle used; billboard, newsprint, magazine advertising and brochures . For that matter, many businesses find it hard paying fora professional graphic designer when ad space costs so much. For that exact reason, a professionally designed ad will help ensure a better return on your advertising investment.

As a frugal business person, it’s hard not to fill up that valuable ad space.  Resist the temptation. Make the most of your advertising investment by using “white space” wisely. Don’t drown out your primary message with”visual noise”. Keep it simple and clean.

Do your research

Do some research by performing a survey of what really concerns your customers. It’s not always price. There are many ways to do marketing research, though you may want to begin by visiting a Blog or threaded discussion whose topic is your product or service. Query folks. Ask them questions. Offer advice. Or better yet, create your own Blog and promote it as a way to better serve your clients.

Blogs are a great way to increase your “link popularity” and ultimately your Google “Page Rank”. Page Rank is a deciding method that Google uses which will increase your chance of ranking higher in Search Engines.

Why so many questions?

When you decide to go ahead and hire a graphic designer, he/she should ask you a lot of questions. If they don’t, don’t hire them. Not only does a lack of questions show their inexperience, but also a lack of interest in your business. When the graphic designer asks questions about the way you do business , you can be sure that the graphic designer has advertising savvy. Creating a clever graphic design for your business should always be balanced with the need for common sense marketing.

Not just another widget maker…

Your company may seem like “just another widget maker” to a newbie designer, but in reality everyone runs their business differently. The benefits your customers have come to expect from doing business with you may not be so apparent to a prospective customer. So, an experienced graphic designer will find out what your strengths are and make them visual .

Brochure Design Tips

There are many different types of folds available by modern printing machines. Here are just a few.

[singlepic id=26 w=320 h=240 float=]


Brochure Design

Brochure design for every budget

Brochure Design services representing over 28 years of experience helping big and small businesses create a more professional image. I offer complete and comprehensive brochure design ideas including copy writing, photography, illustration, printing, etc. The comprehensive services offered depends on your particular needs and budget. Most brochure designs are completed within two (2) weeks of the time of our commitment. If you need faster turn-around, chances are that I can accommodate your tight schedule. Brochure design printing available at very competitive prices and with the professional oversight needed with any print job.

Need a Brochure Design Quote?

You will be consulting with a professional New York graphic designer with over 28 years experience in creative advertising. David has designed brochures for hundreds of companies from large (Citibank, Grumman, Liebert, Coca-Cola) and small. It’s the experience of working with a wide variety of companies from small businesses to large corporations that makes the difference. A mediocre brochure designer can be found anywhere on the Web. Though, finding a designer like David who’ll work with you to create a truly unique and well-designed company brochure can be difficult. David’s experience is hard to come by, especially when shopping online for exceptional talent.

“I’ll focus on creating a design that will be not only eye-catching, but effective. The unique way you do business will shine through with clarity and professionalism”

— David Radovanovic, Creative Director

I cover all the bases, making sure that your printed brochures will be on time and within budget. Take a look at the Before and After Gallery for brochure design samples of how dramatic the difference is when you hire a professional brochure designer.

Brochure Design – B2B Brochures, Company Brochure and Tri-Fold Designs

You could spend less with another design firm but you’ll get what you pay for. The other alternative would be to pay an excessive amount at an advertising agency contributing to bloated egos in Armani suits. Our brochure design prices are based on what content you supply us with. In most cases, you’ll supply us with your company logo, photos and text. Although, I provide all these creative services, if you prefer a completely new look or require a complete turn-key brochure design including printing.

I’d suggest that you bypass all the costly hype and choose a professional brochure designer with over 29 30 years experience:, Inc. I’ll make your company look as though you’ve spent a small fortune on your company brochure with a refreshingly unique design that grabs your customers’ attention. In return for your wise choice, you’ll get the most creative brochure design possible at a reasonable price. If you’d like a FREE quote or have questions about the design process, then call us at (845) 247-0909. I’ll ask you a series of design questions focused on the way you do business and within several weeks you’ll be the proud recipient of a professional brochure design that will turn prospective leads into clients. Make the right business decision with the right brochure designer,, Inc.

brochure folds

Brochure design samples; tri-folds, bi-folds, maps and other types of folds

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