Web banner design for Earth Day

EARTH DAY Ad Design Package

Earth Day Ad Campaign is Smart Business

Earth Day and advertising goes together well. An professionally designed Earth Day Ad is a great way to announce your business’s philosophy. A commitment to Mother Earth seems like a perfect match for Mother Earth’s Storehouse of the Hudson Valley. However genuinely benevolent the advertiser or sponsor is, the primarily motivation is smart business.

Trending or Genuine

Playing a trend or practicing what you preach? It could be criticized as just a blatant attempt to capitalize on the newest trend, though in this case it’s an effective way to reach an audience. Mother Earth Storehouse is actively involved with fostering “green” business. For the past 30 years they have sold organic, locally produced and fair trade products whose manufacturers are dedicated to responsible Earth practices.

Local Port Ewen Book Illustrator

Being an “Earth-Conscious” commercial enterprise is especially important for a locally-based Health food store. That’s the reason I suggested setting strong example by hiring a talented illustrator for branding. Maria Cristine Brusca was recommended by another extraordinary illustrator and friend, the late Dianna Bryan. Like Diana, Maria Brusca is a seasoned professional that puts her heart and soul in every illustration project. And this case was no exception.

Talk is Cheap

What is more important; talking about the need for respect and responsible stewardship of the Environment, or actually making the endeavor a mission?  Because it’s only possible to achieve the goals of Earth Day when you make it possible to make a living doing so. Below is the Earth Day advertising campaign that I designed for Mother Earth Storehouse. Though the title has been used before, Mother Earth Storehouse actually puts their money where their mouths are, everyday of the week.

Earth Day is more relevant today with the importance of caring for our planet. Wise stewardship of our Mother Earth translates into better health, quality of life and survival of our species.  So, it only made sense that Mother Earth Storehouse in the Hudson Valley of New York wanted to emphasize Earth Day as the focus for their April’s Web and print campaign. Although Earth Day is officially on April 22, 2009 it really should be all year around! “Make Everyday Earth Day” is the message that this locally owned health food store decided upon, since it says it best.

Earth Day should be everyday! Our stewardship of Mother Earth is never more important than it is today. Mother Earth Storehouse knows this and decided to launch “Make Everyday Earth Day” campaign for the entire month of April. See the Web Banners, Magazine Ads and Newspaper Ads designed for this April 09 earth first campaign.

Humorus Thanksgiving ad design

Ad design grabs readers’ attention

Humorus Thanksgiving ad design

a unique Thanksgiving ad design

Inundated with the cackle of holiday magazine ads, the challenge is making an advertisement stand-out.  Every Thanksgiving Season, traditional values get reincarnated as families across America munch down on giblets, cranberry and gravy. How about “Tofurkey” this holiday?

Finding traditional holidays humorous, I proceeded to design a magazine ad for Mother Earth Store House health food groceries.  The ad is comprised of a photo illustration of a hen that uses some text message shorthand to express her confidence of her flock’s desirability. Tofurkey which is a “Tofu” version of the traditional turkey for vegans is the perceived threat to her popularity.

As in any crowd of peers, it’s important to be popular.  In case of this flock of birds, each one has a certain status within its framework. Miss Turkeylicious  defends her “grrlz” as they worry about the competition of their new rival, Tofurkey, vegan style alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving gobbler. This ad design was created to do two things: catch the readers’ attention and compel them spend time pondering its meaning.

back to school newspaper ad design for health food

Print ad designed to encourage good nutrition

back to school newspaper ad design for health food

back to school newspaper ad design for proper nutrition

back to school print adA print ad designed to encourage good nutrition for children. A Scientist, Surgeon, Scholar, Community Activist is the title for this recent newspaper ad design. He isn’t any of the above right now, though Emil (my son pictured in 2000 as he poses for his first day at school) is being used by his father [the graphic designer] as a model for another “Back-To-School” print ad design.

As all loving parents do, we envision our child growing up to be a special person contributing to society. This same feeling is being used to sell organic food in this newspaper ad design that will be running in Ulster Publishing’s Almanac this week.

I just hope Emil doesn’t decide to use me as his subject in any futuristic science projects.

Sweating the small stuff Poughkeepsie Journal Advertisement

Sweat the Small Stuff, a newspaper ad design

Sweating the small stuff Poughkeepsie Journal Advertisement

Ad design for Healthy Living section of the Poughkeepsie Journal

Small ad design advertisement in New York newspaper

A small (3″ x 4″) ad design is hard to get attention, especially in a crowded  New York newspaper. Healthy Living is a Sunday section in the Poughkeepsie Journal, a Hudson Valley daily paper whose columns are filled with competing advertisers. With a little bit of copy and strong (albeit little) image of a ground-breaking sprout, the reader’s attention, to this newspaper ad, is sure to be grabbed.

Ad design for health food store expansion

Ad designer inspired by Baby-Face Finster

Ad designer explores advertising ideas for Hudson Valley Health Food store’s expansion inspired by memories of Bugs Bunny episodes

The directive was sent from on high, “We need an newspaper ad for the Poughkeepsie Journal to promote our stores’ expansions and we need it by 12 noon today.”

First I thought, “yea right”, then I mused a sobering refrain, “or it’s the hoosegow for you.”  It sounded like a typical Monday with four days left.

The newspaper ad design would have to focus on the two store expansions that Mother Earth Storehouse had just completed.  It had to appeal to their demographic, which in this case is overwhelmingly female. I could take the literal approach and show a great expanse of new shopping aisles and products. Though the advertising space reserved was way too small (8 column inches: 2 columns x 4″ height) to adequately translate the enormity of the added space.

Ah, how fun is this: a minuscule ad to promote a huge expansion of retail space. And it all has to come to fruition in 2 hours. As an ad designer, the subsequent narrative represents the peculiar creative processes which followed.

My predicament was one that a graphic designer finds himself in frequently. Impossible deadlines, creative blocks and seemingly insurmountable tasks are just part and parcel of the advertising shtick. So the story begins.

If you grew up in New York during the sixties and seventies you’d remember “Ant Hill Harry alias Baby-Face Finster”  as the cigar smoking pint-sized bank robber that the “Bugs” teased and tormented in a his usually sadistic way. My mind traveled twenty (well, alright thirty) years prior to retrieve this peculiar image of a frustrated puny thug who squeezed himself into the shape of an ill-fitted “bundle of joy”. Bugs found Baby Finster at his door step and quickly discovered that the toddler was actually a tattooed crook on the lam. Like Finster, I was frustrated by the dilemma I found himself  in on this Monday morning.

He was certain that eventually he would be back on “easy-street”, enjoying the fruits of his labor while smoking a big Cubano.

You may ask yourself, “What in the world does a brutish cartoon character have to do with the expansion of a retail grocer? “. Well I’m not sure. Let’s continue with the self-psychological exploration into creative thought processes.

Without the luxury of several days to work through some rough  ideas, I sought inspiration online. Thanks to Google’s huge image index, researching words to help visualize creative ideas has become much faster.  I began to search for keywords and terms like “baby”, “baby cracked” and “baby egg”.

What I found were some very intriguing images, including illustrations and photos that got my proverbial “creative juices flowing” .

After some time the visuals for the newspaper ad concept materialized. Since the advertising space was small and the focus was large, what better way to equate the two with an egg.

Baby Breaks the Confines of Egg Shell

Baby breaking free of egg shell

Cute baby breaks free of egg shell confines.

The small confines of an egg being cracked open by a growing baby inside seemed a perfect fit. What a better way to illustrate the juxtaposing elements of space. And, need I mention that a cute infant is bound to grab my target audience? With risk of sounding too simplistic, babies and puppies always attracts the attention of the more empathetic sex.

An ad designer with a peculiar idea, inspired by an old cartoon, creates an effective  newspaper advertisement.

Next step, make my ad design concept a reality. This is where the rubber meets the road. A great idea is important for an effective ad campaign, though executing those ideas successfully into an appealing ad  is essential. With a bit of Photoshop ingenuity and 20 years experience illustrating for advertisements, the stock image of a cute baby emerging from a cracked egg became a little construction worker breaking free of his restrictive enclosure.