Business Card Designs for Long Island Interior Designer

June 22, 2011
June 22, 2011 DPR

Business Card Designs for Long Island Interior Designer

Business Card Design for Interior Designer

Long Island Designer requests business card designs “…with Class.”

Decor & Design owner and designer Michelle Lewis is a friend and now a customer. With retirement as an airline flight attendant approaching, she shared the exciting news of  her revived career. With the her new venture she would need stationary designed to show her offerings. It was time to create a few business card designs that would get her attention.

Michelle graduated design school in her younger years though ended up pursuing a career in the “great blue yonder” instead. With big bright smile and mid-western demeanor, it was an easy choice. I would imagine that when she was younger, that the prospect of traveling was very alluring. Like many in the airline industry, meeting new people and visiting far away places is exciting.

She had always offered her interior design talents, though only part-time. So now was the right time to consider the basics of business marketing and branding. Professionally designed promotional materials would be in order.

Business Card Designs with a classy understatement

Firstly she would need business cards. Her criteria for the design would be that it have a “classy understatement” using bold colors without being too brash. Being loud and boisterous is just not Michelle’s style. Though I explained, the cards needed to stand-out and call attention to themselves. With the right use of colors and subtle highlights I could create a simple, yet striking design.

As Karma or coincidence would have it, I received a package of samples from a business card printer. Just days after I presented the last designs to Michelle, a printer in California sent me a direct mail promotion which included samples. And the examples were very impressive. Their capabilities were foiling, embossing, metallic inks all on matte coated card stock.

So, next step is to ask for mockups for the business card designs so that Michelle can decide which to print. Yes, you read that right. The business card printer in California offers “mockups” of your designs! I suspected a dye sublimation process though I can’t imagine how they would simulate the feel of card stock/paper used.

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