Ad design celebrating Spring

Whenever it snows I yearn for Spring. Who can blame me? The rebirth of life after a long hard winter in the Hudson Valley was where my creativity lead me this morning, as I designed my first spring [intlink id=”1962″ type=”post”]ad design[/intlink] for a local health food store.

No doubt, the Hudson Valley is beautiful when it’s blanketed in the powdery stuff. Though the shoveling of driveways, and scraping of icy windshields can get old pretty quick. My favorite season [bar none] is Spring, so this was a welcome design project.

Fiddleheads are the inspiration for ad design

In mid winter, any opportunity to imagine the smells and sights of springtime is desirable. One of the first images that sprang to mind was Fiddlehead ferns as they unroll themselves as they emerge from the wet soil. They’re usually found in shaded areas underneath a canopy of evergreens. The moist loose soil is a perfect medium for them to thrive.

Until I moved to the Northeast region, I never realized that emerging ferns are a traditional dish. The further north you travel the more you’ll find them on the menu. They are available only a few weeks in spring, so it’s still a rare find and only if your timing is right.

Visually, they are the quintessential symbol of rebirth. So with that in mind I created an ad design which [to me] represents fresh, pure and wholesome.

As I  look out my studio window at a mid-January scene of falling snowflakes, I’ve decided this winter’s wish is to have more “Spring” ads to design.

Ad design for Spring Issue of Valley Table

Ad design for Spring Issue of Valley Table

The [intlink id=”138″ type=”category”]magazine ad[/intlink] pictured was prepared and resized to run in the Spring edition of Valley Table.

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