A Blog as Content Management System: WordPress

More than ever, I find myself pushing my clients toward a blog structured Web design to replace their existing company’s Websites. I urge that at the very least, embed WordPress into the top tier of their sites’ pages , e.g. homepage. With subtle interjections like…

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Banner design created for water filtration system

Banner designs for NEW retail store!

Preparing for the grand opening of Water For Life USA retail store included designing 6 new posters for display in the store space. Water For Life USA is a rapidly growing…

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Flyer Design

Need an inexpensive way to get your message out? Flyer design, if designed professionally, can be an expeditious method of advertising for your music band event, local concert, grass-roots effort, political meeting, community rally, grand opening, restaurant menu or any other imaginable promotion. For small businesses that need an effective and efficient use of their […]

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Back-To-School ad design for food store

Back To School Ads Design

Back To School Ads brings back memories of Crazy Eddies

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